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Publié le 21 Septembre 2010

The Women Equity Growth Index Project facilitates the documentation of the investment universe of Women Equity in France and in Europe. Set to become a reference resource on women-led growth businesses, this pioneering research is initiated in France and shall be extended to Private Equity countries in Europe (UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria…) and will enable us to create the ranking of the 100 best performers in Europe

Goals, methodology and outputs of the Women Equity Growth Index Project – Year 1 Implementation in France

I. Documenting the investment universe, based on a sample of 40,000 businesses established in France, comprising over 20 employees and having exceeded 4 M€ turnover in the last 3 years.
II. Contributing to the dealflow of Women Equity for Growth by enabling the selection of 300 companies meeting the investment criteria
III. Promoting the women led businesses by creating a ranking of France’s Top 50 performers.

Each phase will generate outputs aiming at different audiences, improving the knowledge and promotion of women led businesses


I. Documentation of the investment universe / Research Notes

From the 40,000 French growth companies sample, 5,000 women led companies have been identified and will be statistically analyzed leading to the publication of research notes and sector and performance analyses, trends studies etc

These outputs  will enable a better knowledge of the investment universe of the women led growth companies and widen the understanding of the different audiences (academic of course but also financial and institutional, with the wish to contribute to the development of a favorable ecosystem for these businesses)


II.Identifying investment opportunities / Businesses profiling

From the 5,000 growth companies sample established through the first phase, companies’ profiles will be drafted, from which potential investment targets shall be derived

  • The 5,000 companies sample will undergo cross-verification through different sources (OSEO, private Equity network) in order to guarantee that the model matches reality
  • Financial and competitive analyses of these businesses shall enable the identification of the 300 best performers
  • The 300 selected companies will be referenced and documented



III.Women led businesses promotion / Top performers ranking

The last phase will consist in the ranking of France Top 50 performers and of Europe Top 100 best performers in the following years.
These rankings shall be established, based on the 300 best performing companies, enabling the emergence of new role models and facilitating their dissemination thanks to our media and non media partners, associated to the outputs’ production.


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